When ‘Sitting is the New Smoking’ is Ever So Briefly “Supernatural”

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Bipolar Disorder Gets Even More Popular Treatment

Between Empire and Infinitely Polar Bear, bipolar disorder seems to be having a moment in popular culture right now…which is awesome! As a graduate student in the early 1990s, I was taught about stigma associated with mental health issues. Hopefully, people with bipolar disorder and their family and friends will see themselves in these portrayals and… Continue reading Bipolar Disorder Gets Even More Popular Treatment

A Bang Up Opportunity in Ann Arbor

If you are in Ann Arbor, Michigan early next week, check out this awesome opportunity!

Director of “The Big Bang Theory” Brings Comedy to U-M

DATE: 4:30–5:30 p.m. Monday, Feb. 23, 2015

EVENT: “Take 2 Jokes & Call Me in the Morning: Is Laughter the New Aspirin?” will feature a conversation about the intersection of humor and health with University of Michigan alums Mark Cendrowski, award-winning director of “The Big Bang Theory,” and Dr. Randy Brown, pediatric pulmonologist and clinical assistant professor at the U-M School of Public Health.

Comedy as a Boss on Pseudo Health (and Other Science) Debates

Why I (ok, public health professionals who also focus on communications) totally need to be part of a comedy writer’s team…ijs. Topics include climate change, vaccines, medicine and science in general. #publichealth “Comedy vs. anti-science: 10 amazing videos that show how humor can make a difference” The Daily Show Get More: Daily Show Full Episodes,Indecision… Continue reading Comedy as a Boss on Pseudo Health (and Other Science) Debates

‘THR’ on Show Inspired by a Family’s Mental Health Struggles

Copied from The Hollywood Reporter “Please Like Me Star on How Family Mental Health Struggles Inspired His Show” by Aaron Couch on September 22, 2914 Making an autobiographical TV show can be dangerous for your personal relationships — but Australian comedian Josh Thomas has managed to use everything from his parents’ divorce to his mother’s struggles with mental health… Continue reading ‘THR’ on Show Inspired by a Family’s Mental Health Struggles

How “Parenthood” Broke Down The Autism Awareness Barrier

by Emily Orley, September 25, 2014 on BuzzFeed

With showrunner Jason Katims’ raw storytelling and the passion and dedication of young actor Max Burkholder, the NBC drama has depicted a journey never before seen on network television, shedding light on life on the spectrum.

(credit: AP Photo / NBC, Colleen Hayes)
(credit: AP Photo / NBC, Colleen Hayes)

Autism Speaks, resource, advocacy and community “to change the future for all who struggle with autism spectrum disorders.

In the Aftermath of Robin’s William’s Life and Death

I am old enough to remember Robin Williams’ signature roles and his signature comedic style.  I enjoyed Mork & Mindy, Mrs. Doubtfire, Good Morning Vietnam, Aladdin, Good Will Hunting…and more of his work…contributions to our life and culture. It saddens me to think about him, and anyone, losing the battle against a mental illness, addiction… Continue reading In the Aftermath of Robin’s William’s Life and Death

Fat Jokes and “Diabeats.” May be Clever. Shouldn’t be Funny.

I have to admit that I don’t normally watch awards shows. (My last Oscars viewing was an exception.) The thrill of seeing the winners and some of the performances is offset by the typically LONG productions with stuff in between that is not particularly interesting…to me. So, it is not surprising that I did not… Continue reading Fat Jokes and “Diabeats.” May be Clever. Shouldn’t be Funny.