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I have watched every episode of the Supernatural on the CW (some of them twice), and I really enjoy the zingers. Most of the characters have a wicked wit that make you pay attention. Because, if you blink (audibly speaking), you might miss some of the cool texture of the show.

For example, in the opening to Episode 1119 – “The Chitters” (first aired April 27, 2016), Sam (one of the brother duo that drives the show) walks into a room of their lair while eating something from a bowl to see his brother Dean sitting at a table covered with books and reading. The dialogue goes like this:

Sam: “Dude. You haven’t moved since last night.”
Dean: “Sleeping is the new smoking.”
Sam: “What? No, it’s not… It’s sitting. Sitting is the new smoking.”
Dean: “That can’t be right.”
Sam: “Dean, we’ll find Cass. He’s stronger than he looks….”
(And, the scene goes on.)

In my humble opinion, this was a good episode overall, but not a great one. I mean, it doesn’t get much better than G-d’s debut with Metatron in the next episode or Sam and Dean FINALLY meeting G-D two episodes later. I am looking forward to this season’s finale (and getting Cass back, hopefully)!

NOTE: I grabbed this image of Dean (copyright The CW) from video on the show’s website. 

w/ a Public Health Tidbit

“Sitting is the new smoking” refers to an emerging concern related to the impact of increasingly sedentary lifestyles on health. In the same way that experts focused on showing the impact of smoking on health, preventing people from smoking, and encouraging them to quit, some experts are doing the same on the impact of extensive bouts of sitting. Why? Because sitting for hours at a time every day (or having so called “sitting disease”) is being linked to some of the same serious (and even deadly) health issues linked to smoking, e.g., diabetes, cardiovascular disease and cancer.

Obviously, we can’t avoid sitting sometimes. We can try to avoid long stretches of sitting at school, work and home, and/or find ways to sit or stand that are less harmful on the body.

Ergotron is a company that makes standing desks, among other things. They also sponsor the site Though I am not endorsing the site, it does include interesting infographics explaining this issue and links to related studies.

As another example, many public and private organizations are encouraging their employees to use standing desks, walk during meetings, and take regular movement breaks. Here is a March 2016 Cleveland 19 (WOIO) news report on this trend, including in their own offices: “Health Alert: Sitting is the new smoking.”