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Now that summer is here (or, according to the summer solstice, almost here), don’t let your summer break lull you into a break from safety practices. Doing what you can to prevent accidents or immediate and long-term health issues can help you have the most fun and least stressful summer ever!

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has great information on a variety of summer safety topics (including the list below). And, if you have children or prefer messages with a side of fun, try some of the videos below. They use entertaining approaches to sharing safety information and inspiring safe and fun summer actions.

Have you seen fun and/or creative summer safety videos? Please share!

[tabby title=”CDC Tips/Resources”]

(some) CDC’s Summertime Safety topics:

  • Summertime Food Safety
  • Avoid Binge Drinking
  • Beware of Bugs
  • Fun in the Sun
  • Around the Yard
  • In the Great Outdoors
  • Fireworks-Related Injuries
  • Health Pets, Healthy People
  • Health Swimming
  • Got Water?

[tabby title=”Videos”]

Frankin, Tennessee’s 2013 Summer Safety Video Challenge Winners

ATV and Dirt Bike Safety PSA Contest “Kids Helping Kids Ride Safe/Ride Smart” – Archives (See the Encore! aside on the 2014 contest.)

[tabby title=”from Disney”]

Timon and Pumbaa (credit: Walt Disney website)

Disney’s “Get Wild About Safety with TIMON AND PUMBAA

(including “Theme Park Safety Tips” and “Engage Your Child in Safety”)