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As I mentioned  in “Breaking Bad on Mental Health and Substance Abuse,” I was late to this bandwagon. I am SO glad that I caught up with it before the show stopped rolling.

I watched last Sunday’s Breaking Bad series finale (on AMC) with the usual tension and ended completely satisfied. And, since some folks may not have watched the show and still can, I won’t spoil the ending here. See AMC’s suggestions for “Where to Watch.”

I will share a bit more about why I REALLY like this show.

The actors are wonderful, including the minor characters. I was cursing, laughing, warning and crying right along with them throughout the show. The plot was crazy tense, yo, and each episode had a moment after which I thought to myself….whaaaaaaaatt?!?!?!?!?…which is a good thing.

Walter White (Bryan Cranston) in Episode 16, Season 5, ‘Breaking Bad’ [photo by Ursula Coyote/AMC]

I also appreciate that the location was not Los Angeles or New York or Chicago or Washington, DC. I LOVE all of those cities. Still, it is great to see something different.

Violence and mature themes aside…ok, not easily aside because they are an integral part of the show…I also thought the blend of action and character development and engagement is fantastic. My favorites shows, movies and books (and I have a lot of them) are clever, unexpected and thorough in the ways they do this.

In sum, as soon as the complete series is available, I am going to watch it again. I have a feeling I will appreciate it even more in the encore!